Focus on Stephane Portha and his video games success

Focus on Stephane Portha and his video games success

Let's have a brief focus on the king of the digital world, one of the few people, lucky enough to stand out at the age of 14. His first steps began with the video game Pong which he played almost every day. It is true that being addicted to video games is harmful for children as well as adults.

However, for our celebrity, in addition to being his passion, the video game was fun but also allowed him to identify and develop his curiosity. This allowed him to create a video game with his own hands. His first experience was successful and led him down this path until today. A competent child who wants to continually live from his two passions, the other of which is information in all its entirety.

His famous video games

At the time of the 1970s, precisely in 1972, he was gradually entering the world of the big ones, starting with the presentation of his first video game in multiplayer mode. A game that conquered many French and interested the only broadcast system network at that time: Minitel. The ranking of his video games is as follows:

  •  Tank: his very first baby designed at the age of 14 from old tools available such as ZX81 machines
  •  GraalOnline: designed in 1998, following the establishment of its first company, one of the first games available in multiplayer mode of the time
  •  GraalOnline Zone: new version of Graalonline, more improved and with better choices and possibilities.
  •  GraalOnline Zone + / classical / Era +: the other versions still in multiplayer mode, however, with other themes and options. Available on IOS and Android mobile platforms.

Eurocenter Games: A company in its own image

The collaboration with Minitel had been successful in all areas because Stephane Portha was lucky enough to for his two passions. The need to offer a free digital world was growing; that would not be possible if the entrepreneurial logic did not come into play. By including this logic, he built his own company named Eurocenter which became Eurocenter Games in order to demonstrate the value he gives to video games.

This creation did not allow him to focus on his other passion. On the contrary, it was a challenge to learn even more and collaborate with other companies in the digital world. And the least we can say is that his company has contributed a lot to the digital world. Among his great achievements is his participation in the integration of the world's first mobile games in the App Store platform.

Video games with unique features

Just like every video game, St├ęphane Portha offered video games that continually meet the expectations of the public, but essentially games that correspond to his personality and his passions. Here are some general properties of his games:

  •  Multiplayer mode highlighted
  •  Graphics and quality sounds
  •  Various options for all levels
  • Accessible at any time
  •  Entertaining and allows to de-stress
  •  Close to reality